The most recognizable benefits of digital conversion for businesses are to enhance production efficiency, labor productivity, and the standardization of the operation process. At the same time, this transformation turns data into digital assets of the business, reduces costs through optimal management of business operation, increases customer experience and business revenue through the distribution and sales system, etc…
To achieve these goals, every business needs to equip the knowledge and digital conversion skills for the management and operation team to develop and implement the appropriate digital transformation strategy and roadmap.
Participating in the in-depth transformation training program for the field of manufacturing in June 2022, attendants will have the chance to learn from the leading digital transformation experts in Vietnam with 2 courses:
(1) Digital conversion in the field of manufacturing
(2) Leadership of digital conversion in the field of manufacturing
The courses are within the framework of the Go Digital program by the Association of Industrial Zone enterprises in Ho Chi Minh City in collaboration with the DTS transformation alliance and are implemented by SmartPro Consulting and Training Company.
Contact the hotline: 0938 7737 67 – Ms. Le Thanh Hao to receive incentives for EPZs, Industrial Park, HCMC Industrial Zone.
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